The path we follow to turn dreams into reality has a lot of variables but always conforms to a variation of typical Design Phases. The exact steps with each phase can vary with the scope of work and the project type. Each step is intended to build upon the preceding in a manageable and controlled sequence. The process allows us to Focus on the important issues, Balance the design, budget and schedule outlined at the beginning of the project, Build upon previous decisions and achieve the goals of each phase, and Realize the ultimate goal, turning our clients dreams into reality. The following is a list of the typical phases and a brief description of the goals for each:

Project Phases:

PROGRAMMING AND SCHEMATIC DESIGN - The process begins by establishing a program of your needs and wants and consideration of your budget. We will explore possible design solutions through the use of plan and elevation sketches delineating the proposed solution. As the overall scope of work is established we will work to establish a budget based on size and level of detail for the construction. If a builder is part of the team for the project they will be an asset for the development of the budget.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - We then develop the approved schematic design into its final form. The floor plan and exterior elevations are refined and important design features such as cabinets, built-ins, windows and doors, and finishes are developed and elaborated.

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS - After the design is finalized we can complete the dimensioned and detailed plans including any specification of materials etc. Technical issues are detailed such as structural design and installation of materials.

BIDDING / NEGOTIATION - In preparation for construction and depending on the project delivery method chosen, the project is either estimated and negotiated with a single contractor or bid by several. Contractors can be selected based on recommendations and evaluation of their skills and appropriateness for the project. After review, a contractor, if not already on board, can be selected based on several factors including price, availability, time required for construction and any other general issues.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE - During the construction of the project we prefer to make several visits to the project site to observe the construction and to verify to the client that the project is being completed in general compliance with the construction drawings. We will review submittals made by the contractor and discuss any changes in the work requested by the Owner or the contractor. Payment requests can be reviewed and approved including the coordination of the completion of the work and approval for final payment. This phase of service is often not performed by us at the request of the client if they feel that it is not necessary or required for a satisfactory completion of the project.